The home is heated primarily with a wood gasification boiler

Wood Gasification         



The house is heated primarily with a wood gasification boiler. The wood gasification boiler is connected in parallel with the backup oil furnace. We load wood once a day and the wood gasification boiler heats up water that is stored in two large tanks for later use. This allows the wood gasification boiler to burn the wood fuel very efficient, since it will burn it all at one time. The wood gasification boiler currently has multiple controllers that allow all the home's heating needs to be met automatically. On very cold days the oil furnace will act as a backup automatically if required. The wood gasification boiler is used from December to end of March for all heating and hot water needs. The benefit of burning wood efficiently is that it is renewable and CO2  neutral. The wood is supplied from local arborists who receive the wood from trees that have fallen or  need to be removed before they fall.  Unlike outdoor wood boilers that are inefficient, this model uses wood gasification technology to completely burn the wood and the exhaust gases at very high temperatures up to 1800 deg F. This produces very low exhaust emissions comparable to burning oil.

Wood Gasification Boiler




Wood Gasification Boiler Controls



Pair Of 220 Gallon Hydronic Hot Water Storage Tanks

Rear View of Wood Gasification Boiler



Typical Wood Load for a 24 Hour Period

Wood Gasification Boiler Graphs